Apple’s decision to manufacture from Karnataka welcome: State govt

IPR Karnataka, Bengaluru, February 3,2017

Apple Incorporated is launching the first phase of the company manufacturing its products in Karnataka. (Govt) welcomes the proposal — Biotechnology and Information Technology and Tourism Minister Priyank Kharge said. 

The launch of Apple technology in its products, component manufacturing and supply chain environment as well as around the world (sic), India is a country that is able to offer more competitive, he said. Dheeraj Choo (Director, Operations iPhone) and Priyes Puvanna (County Council), were co-operating with the state to carry out the supplementary discussion.

In this decision, the Apple company to foreign investors and enhancing the dignity of the priority. It is in the government’s enterprise, innovation and investment policies for investors to invest in the manufacturing sector and to encourage the government to start any new projects that (sic) said in a statement.


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